Springtime Club’s Semi Olympic sized swimming pool with 25 meter length and crystal clear water, Swimming is a great form of recreation activity which kids and adults can enjoy together.

All sessions at our club are conducted under supervision of Certified Trainers / Lifeguards. For learning the perfect technique and form in swimming. Be a part of Our Club



Our 4000 Sq.ft Gymnasium at Springtime Club is fully equipped with a wide range of cardiovascular & weight training equipment. The range includes Treadmills,Cross Trainers, Steppers, Upright bikes, and Reclining bikes Rowing machines. Free weights area for cardio vascular and strength training workouts.

A personal trainer can help you maximize the effects of the workout and thus help you in achieving the desired results that you vouch for by joining our club


Indoor Games

Indoor games serve the purpose as both leisure and mental enhancement activity. We at Springtime Club have an excellent collection of indoor games for kids and adults. Some of them being chess, carom, pool table. Cardroom. 

Our Indoor Games are available to its patrons from 6 AM To 11 PM. Come be a part of our club to live a distressed life.


Table Tennis

Table Tennis is also known as ping pong, besides being fun to play along as singles or doubles game. It is great for simulation of eye and hand coordination. This sport has very low injury risks and safe for adults as well as children.


Badminton Court

Badminton is an excellent sport for people of all ages. This is a kind of racket sport. Agility and stamina plays an important in this form for sport and is a popular choice for people of all ages. Our wooden flooring badminton court provides a break for young aspiring sportspersons as well as people looking to play the sport to maintain their health.


Tennis Court

Springtime Club offers a Lawn tennis court for our members as well as non-members. Tennis has specific health benefits for both the body and mind, which gives it an edge over many other types of physical activity. Recreational tennis has health benefits for the cardiovascular system, the muscles, bones, agility levels and more.


Cross Fit

Cross fit as some people claim is the fastest route to best health, cross-fit involves functions that people do outside of the gym. It is a combination of gymnastics, weightlifting and cardio exercise. To experience the latest technique to good health visit us



Full-body steam significantly improves your cardiovascular health, It is best for improving overall body skin health and removing toxins from the body. The process opens up pores in the skin and loosens built of dirt and is excellent for better health



Springtime club has best in class Jacuzzi which promotes Hydro therapy and often used for relieving stress and pain. It also helps in improving overall heat circulation in the body and hence enhance overall health. Springtime club has best in class Jacuzzi



Let the reader in you find a place midst books of various genre. Our library has variety of books to please our members and support their reading habits when they take a stroll through our premises.


Kids Play Area

Kids are the future and a healthy and bright kid ensures betterment of our country. Our kids play area has varied forms of play activities for your children which they will cherish for their time here at Springtime club


Turf Court

Our 4500 Sq. ft. turf is one of the biggest available in Kalyan and most sought after by young ones and adults for a game of soccer. Ignite the inner footballer in you by experiencing our turf